Vaginal Atrophy…….& Silence! Vaginal Dryness from Hormonal Change, also known as Vaginal Atrophy, is a Silent Epidemic!

It impacts many women who don’t feel comfortable talking with their healthcare provider about it. Embarrassment…….cultural taboos……fear that nothing can be done…and inability to discuss intimate details….are but some of the reasons why women often suffer in silence.

What is it?

Vaginal atrophy is a chronic and progressive thinning of the vaginal lining that has been estimated to affect up to 60% of women in their menopausal transition and beyond. Some medical providers think this estimate is too low because some women simply won’t talk about it! What is really troubling is the fact that only 20% - 25% of women will seek medical attention. And so…… they suffer in silence! And it can start as early as in a woman’s late 30’s!

What causes it?

Generally it is caused by lowered estrogen levels from change in ovarian function. This results in vaginal dryness, irritation, sometimes discharge, and often painful sexual intercourse. Women with vaginal atrophy often have a greater chance of vaginal and urinary infections.

Why is it important?

Aside from the fact that atrophy can lead to urogenital changes that include infections, increased urinary frequency and incontinence, discomfort, and very real changes in sexual function, this condition truly can affect the overall quality of life. And we have heard from hundreds of women who report the impact this can have on relationships.

So….is silence a reasonable approach?

Not on our watch!!

What’s a woman to do?

First, recognize that this is a common condition and solutions are available that can truly change and improve your quality of life.

2 very straightforward things to consider:

  • Use a vaginal moisturizer regularly that can help moisten and re-estrogenize the vaginal walls.
  • Have more sex! Regular sexual activity, with or without a partner, can help maintain healthy vaginal tissues.

Amata Life, after many years of research, has developed 2 extraordinary Vaginal Moisturizers. Both contain Puresterol, which is the patented extract of the Pueraria mirifica plant root that contains a very effective phytoestrogen, which is quite simply “a natural” in every sense of the word.


Amata Life’s original warming formula is a luxurious, warming vaginal cream for use in addressing dryness.


Our wonderful non-warming formula is just as luxurious, and delivers glorious moisture without the initial warming sensation.

Both can provide welcome relief to this silent issue…..and more importantly, can add to your quality of life….for the rest of your life.

They are perfect for every day use and provide immediate moisturization.

Most effective if used twice daily, it can also be used less frequently, including with sexual activity, or whenever desired.

So now you know…….and no longer need to suffer in silence.
This Changes Everything!