Women Can Look & Feel Their Very Best in the
Full Bloom of Mid Life!

For many women, the most distressing part of midlife is watching skin begin to sag and get “crepey” (a terrible sounding word…..but sooo descriptive!) Midlife brings changes to skin. A tendency towards dryness occurs, sometimes an area or two of skin that is a bit rough, and some puckering with dark spots.

The area around the eyes also can often develop fine lines…..we like to think it is a product of years of smiles and laughter…you know what we mean!

And then…..you know what’s next……the neck and the décolleté!

Why all this happening now? A quick refresher of basic biology may help. 2 proteins known as collagen and elastin give skin its elasticity and flexibility. Collagen production starts to diminish in our 20’s, and by midlife, up to 20% of our collagen layer may have been lost. When collagen diminishes, skin can tend to sag and wrinkle. Add to that some sun damage, and skin further loses its resiliency and elasticity.

By age 50, the capacity of the skin to
repair itself slows down.

So…..your skin has served you well all your life….and now, why not give it some help?

All of our skin care products contain Pueraria Mirifica, an extract of a root of a plant grown only in the forests of northern Thailand. Women throughout Southeast Asia have used this plant for more than 700 years as a skin balm to nourish and rejuvenate.

Summer is here, and you’re likely showing a bit more skin! We’ve put together a special offer on 2 of our most popular skin care products that are perfect additions to your beauty regimen.

Amata’s Premium Face & Neck Firming Cream

Contains Hyaluronic Acid, which is a substance found in the human body. Seriously good for your skin, it’s a powerful humectant that helps keep skin plump, hydrated and smooth. And…..babies are born with a high level of Hyaluronic Acid…..have you ever seen a baby whose skin isn’t plump and smooth?

Amata’s Elite Skin Smoothing Cream

Is a wonderful elixir of botanicals, rich shea and coca butters, and organic vitamins and minerals that work together to nourish your skin while smoothing over puckered areas. This wonderful cream is perfect for skin plagued by rough spots or cellulite.

Both products are perfect for use at night to restore skin health while you sleep. You’ll wonder how you ever got along without them for all these years.

We’ve put together a very special offer when you buy these 2 products together in our Elite Skin Care Value Package. You’ll save more than $27 ($109.90 when purchased individually), and this is a wonderful value at only $79.99 for both ground breaking products.

And…to make this completely irresistible……we’re going to include a very special gift (it’s a secret, but you’ll be impressed!) with your order that will definitely become part of your daily beauty regimen.

What you do now to nurture and take care of yourself can influence your skin’s health and appearance for years to come.

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