Love doesn't have to hurt

The theme “Love Hurts” has been the subject of numerous songs and books over the years, and although it speaks to emotional love...

It is in reality something that millions of women experience during physical intimacy.

This is particularly true for women in menopause and perimenopause, and the clinical name for this is Dyspareunia.

A Ma Ta

We hear from thousands of women about the loss of this

“Beautiful Part of Their Lives.”
Quite Simply... Love Doesn’t Have to Hurt!

Dryness that is accompanied by thinning of vaginal tissue is often the cause of the discomfort, and gratefully……there are solutions!

There are 2 important approaches that you need to know, both of which result from the Pueraria mirifica (Latin for miracle making) root, a wonderful botanical that has been used by women for more than 700 years in Southeast Asia:

Our Vaginal Moisturizer contains Puresterol®, the patented extract of the Pueraria mirifica root, and is perfectly designed for daily use, and for immediate moisturization as desired.

Pam wrote in a review that:
“I want every woman to know about this fantastic product. I suffered from severe vaginal dryness. Sex was very painful…..After using this for two weeks, once daily, I can have pain free sex again, and have the vaginal moisture I had twenty years ago! My husband encouraged me to write a testimonial. We finally have a sex life again…….and it's the best product I've tried in years!”

A Ma Ta
A Ma Ta

Our Pueraria Mirifica Plus Supplements, have helped thousands of women regain moisture “down there” as well as alleviate other uncomfortable symptoms such as hot flashes and sleeplessness.

A recent review by Gracie tells the story as well as we could:
“At 52 lost my period and pretty quickly started having painful sex. Dry uncomfortable feeling down there. Started taking PM, and noticed a huge difference. Now I can have spontaneous sex anytime I want! Great product!”

Now there is absolutely no reason to experience dryness and to miss out on this
“Beautiful Part of Your Life!”
This Truly Changes Everything!