You’re Feeling Better……
So How’s “He” Doing?

As Teresa stated in a product review of Pueraria Mirifica Plus: "I'm so grateful to have found this! After two weeks of faithful use my husband and I are very happy! No more dryness, NO Pain! We are in our early 60's and did not want to lose this beautiful part of our lives...thank you Dr. Northrup!"

A Ma Ta

Men & Midlife

Well…..just as women sometimes have issues with intimacy during mid-life, MEN also sometimes do, as well. Women and men agree that feeling out of sync with your partner’s physical needs can strain a relationship.

How a man feels can also sap his confidence in other aspects of his life, as well. Many men experience hormonal changes as they get older that can manifest in many ways, including less energy, and feeling less vital. Add to this the fact that many men feel embarrassed, and simply don’t want to talk about this…..especially with their “honey.” Silence often takes over……and we all know that NOT talking about it leads nowhere!

So…..What To Do?

First, recognize that this is normal, but something that he……and you…..don’t need to accept. There is help, and together with him, you can take the first steps to regain his confidence, energy, and passion for life that first brought you together. As Teresa said, reclaim “this beautiful part of our lives!”

Amata’s PM Plus for Men is a game changing new supplement for men who want to regain the vitality of their youth.

Its ingredients, Pueraria mirifica, Butea superba, Ginseng, and Gotu Kola, are natural botanicals known for their restorative and energizing properties for both mind and body.

These botanicals have all been used in traditional Eastern medicine for centuries to support prostate and sexual health. Not a “blue pill”, but instead a daily supplement that is an important part of a self-care regimen, using natural botanical ingredients that have been trusted for centuries.

30 Day Supply - $29.95

Until now, there have been few trustworthy, natural ways for men to protect their prostate, and regain their vigor, performance, and feeling of well-being. And the best part…..it’s a daily supplement and regimen that will have him feeling better in all aspects of his life.

Isn’t it time the two of you got back in synch, and started to enjoy
“this beautiful part of your lives?”

Amata Life for Women…..and Their Men
This Truly Changes Everything!