Hydration & Your Health

Did you know that in order to function optimally, skin requires that humidity be at no less than 30%? Ideally 40% - 60% is best. And in the winter months (and drier climates), keeping hydration levels optimal (both internally & externally)……especially while sleeping…..goes a long way toward keeping your complexion….and the rest of your body…..HEALTHY!

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Here are 3 ways to accomplish this:

1) Optimize your environment: Measure the humidity level of your bedroom using a portable hygrometer to see what your current moisture levels are. Hygrometers are inexpensive and handy tools you can even use while traveling — just be sure to keep your hygrometer in an area where the air circulates and out of direct sunlight.
If your humidity is less than 30-40%, invest in a good humidifier to use while you sleep.

2) Hydrate from the Inside: To hydrate your skin from the inside, the first thing to realize is that drinking 8 glasses of water a day is not the way!! Instead you must increase your intake of water in gel form— as it exists in foods like berries, cucumbers, oranges, lettuce, and lemons. In fact, adding a lemon or cucumber slice to drinking water with a tiny pinch of Celtic sea salt or Himalayan sea salt will do wonders for the hydrating quality of your water. Adding a tablespoon of chia seeds to water and a pinch of Himalayan salt— and letting the seeds sit for 15 minutes until they swell before drinking will also hydrate your body far better than simply drinking a glass of water. This practice will also eliminate constipation in most cases.

Remember…….alcohol and coffee are dehydrating. So for every alcoholic drink or cup of coffee you drink, just drink the equivalent amount of water or herbal tea— ideally with a little pinch of salt. You will be amazed at the improvements in your health simply by hydrating yourself optimally. I highly recommend that you read the book Quench by Gina Bria of the Hydration Foundation and Dana Cohen, MD. The hydration program in the book is easy to follow.

3) Hydrate from the Outside: You can hydrate your skin optimally throughout the day by spritzing with our Hydrating Mist & Toner with Pure Rose Water & Puresterol. We recommend that you use this product as a toner after cleansing each morning and before applying your moisturizer. Just spray on your face, neck, and décolleté. Then press the fluid into your skin with your hands and fingers. Since your hands have healing power and are directly linked to your heart, we recommend that when gently pressing the hydrating mist into your skin, you do so with loving intent.

Just as adding lemon or cucumber to drinking water enhances its ability to hydrate the body optimally from the inside out, our Rose Water with Puresterol Hydrating Mist combines the well-known beautifying properties of Rose Water with the skin enhancing qualities of the herb Pueraria Mirifica. Applying this to your skin regularly helps keep the collagen in skin well-hydrated and dewy in appearance.

Use the hydrating mist regularly throughout the day to wake up and hydrate your skin. At the very least, we recommend the hydrating mist in the morning and at night before retiring.

Beautiful, Hydrated Skin
This Truly Changes Everything!