Have you lost your sex drive?

Many women at midlife and beyond have strong libidos and active, satisfying sex lives, while others would be happy if they never had sex again! Where are you on the continuum?

Your desire for sex is affected by a number of factors, with hormones playing a key role. Hormonal fluctuations account for some of the ebbs and flows of your libido, and hormone levels can affect both your desire and your physical enjoyment.

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There are a number of hormones in particular that affect libido and keep your tissues primed for intimacy: estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, and oxytocin.

Estrogen rises and falls during the menstrual cycle and is highest at ovulation. During perimenopause, it often drops and stays at that level. If it drops too low, you can experience atrophy, thinning, and lack of sensitivity in the genital area, which can lead to dryness and discomfort during intercourse, making it uncomfortable.

Progesterone is somewhat of a feel-good hormone, because it helps even out moods. It has also been shown to support thyroid health. Both of these factors can enhance your sex drive. Progesterone also plays a role in circulation and sensitivity, which can affect sexual pleasure.

Testosterone is often equated with libido, especially in men. Women will experience a drop in sexual drive if they have very low levels of testosterone, but this is uncommon. Actually, although testosterone levels decrease somewhat during the childbearing years, they don’t drop as much as estrogen does during “the change.”

Oxytocin is a bonding hormone that is increased during loving touch, sex, good conversation, and healthy interactions with others. Its levels plummet when you are under stress and / or fee isolated.

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If you’ve lost your interest in lovemaking, chances are that your hormones are partially to blame. Often, women get relief from a simple, natural approach to hormone health such as using adaptogenic herbs, like Pueraria mirifica, which can be taken orally or applied where moisture is needed.

But…….the state of a woman’s life…….whether she is happy with the relationship with her partner, herself, and other aspects of her life……..can have a big impact on libido.

Are you unhappy with your life?
Are you depleted and stressed from running on empty?
Do you feel disconnected from your partner on an emotional level?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, your life force can be affected. If your “juices” aren’t flowing because you’re not passionate about the various aspects of your life, you can’t expect to be passionate in the bedroom.

If you’re looking to ramp up your sex drive, here are some tips:

Embrace the power of pleasure in all forms.

You can enhance your sensual pleasure by enjoying pleasurable experiences that have nothing to do with sex. The taste of the first juicy peach of summer, the feel of silk on your skin, listening to music that excites you, and having intimate conversations with friends or lovers can heighten your senses.

Experiment with romance.

Most women enjoy sex more when there is an emotional (or spiritual) connection with their partner. Take a trip with your partner, hold hands at the movies like teenagers, or do anything else you find romantic, but not necessarily sexual.

Don’t suffer alone!

If intercourse is painful, have a health checkup to make sure there’s nothing medical getting in the way of your sexual pleasure.

Consider using a Vaginal Moisturizer.

It can help with moisture, lubrication, and help to restore vaginal tissue.

Amata Life, after many years of research, has developed
2 extraordinary Vaginal Moisturizers that contain Puresterol, which is the patented extract of the Pueraria mirifica plant root. The vaginal moisturizers are luxurious and deliver glorious moisture for use daily and as a lubricant, all the while helping with thinning vaginal tissue.

Menopause is a Transformative Time
Embrace the Power of Pleasure!

Everything in your life gets re-examined, so you can work through old baggage and clean up less-than-ideal lifestyle habits. If you use this time to make peace with your body and give yourself the confidence and the permission to explore your sexuality in new and exciting ways, your libido is likely to soar.

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