The Hormone Pendulum…… or
Trust Your Natural Instincts?

The pendulum on hormone therapy has been swinging back and forth ever since Robert O. Wilson, MD published his influential book, Feminine Forever, back in 1966. In his best selling book, he wrote: “Many physicians simply refuse to recognize menopause for what it is – a serious, painful, and often crippling disease.” He postulated that “every woman alive today has the option of remaining feminine forever.” Really?

Further he said, if a woman refused HRT,
the consequences would be unthinkable!
A natural human condition was thus characterized as a disease!

A Ma Ta

Women were put on estrogen by the millions, and the first available drug was Premarin, made from the urine of pregnant horses!

Fast forward to the 80’s, all the while legions of women were prescribed mammalian estrogen, when it was discovered that not adding progesterone to counteract the cellular build-up of estrogen resulted in cancer or other types of abnormalities. The new ingredient – in the form of a synthetic progestin - was immediately added, and suddenly………hormone replacement was back in style.

Forward again to the 90’s,, when the famous Women’s Health Initiative trial, after placing thousands of women on Prempro, was suddenly stopped when it was discovered that women on hormones suffered more heart disease and strokes than those who were not.

Almost overnight, millions of women stopped their hormones out of fear.
And they went cold turkey!!

So….what is a woman to do……
and what should she believe?

First let’s all understand….
Menopause is not a disease….but instead a very natural human condition!

A Ma Ta

The Endocrine Society notes that menopausal symptoms frequently start in the years before the final menstrual period and can last, with unpredictable duration, from a few years to more than 13 years! Hot flashes / flushes and night sweats are often accompanied by vaginal dryness, sleeplessness, and loss of sex drive……… all of which are very common.

The goal, quite frankly, is to find ways to help with the sometimes uncomfortable symptoms that a woman can experience during this very important and empowering time in her life, which is very natural!

Always check with your physician before beginning any regimen. And recognize that there
are natural and holistic approaches that can help.

Pueraria mirifica, derived from the root of a plant grown only in northern Thailand, has been used by women in southeast Asia for more than 700 years. Western medicine is just now catching up!

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You have choices! Do your research!
Follow Your Instincts!

Consider a Natural Approach…..
Just as Women Have Done For More Than 700 Years!

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