Healthy skin is much more than a pretty face.

As our largest organ, our skin plays an essential
role in keeping us well!

Our skin is literally a living breathing organism, which performs important functions. It excretes, absorbs, functions as a barrier, and produces hormones, all of which helps to keep us healthy.

As an excretory organ, our skin helps detoxify the body of foreign agents, like heavy metals, that would make us sick. We excrete when we perspire, so if our skin is dry and scaly or if our pores are clogged, it can interfere with the body’s detoxification ability—one reason health experts recommend dry brushing the skin to supports its excretory function.

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Our skin also protects us from absorbing (many) substances that would be toxic to us internally. The skin has a lipid barrier—a fatty shell of sorts. This makes the skin our first line of defense against viruses, bacteria, mold, yeast, and other intruders! Any break in the skin, though, allows these germs and substances to reach the bloodstream, thereby making us susceptible to them.

Our skin surface is pretty remarkable, too. It absorbs the sunlight we need to make vitamin D, an important nutrient that can boost immunity. Through our skin, we can connect deeply with others, which can cause a cascade of oxytocin, a feel-good, bonding hormone that can calm the nervous system’s fight-or-flight response and limit the effect that stress has on our immunity.

Since we are more likely to get sick if there are micro-breaks in our skin where germs can get in, using skincare products that encourage collagen production and protect against thinning skin can protect us.

Luckily, there are simple, and easy ways to
protect your skin…..and look beautiful!

First: Nourish your skin. Pueraria Mirifica, a Thai herb known to rejuvenate the entire body, addresses the estrogenic effects that effect collagen production and elasticity. Vitamin A, vitamin C, and bioflavonoids have also been shown to support skin health, skin structure, and immunity.

According to Richard A. Passwater, PhD, author of Amazing Health Benefits of the Wonder Herb Pueraria Mirifica, taking Pueraria mirifica, either orally or on the skin in topical form, has been shown to help build collagen, and help the skin appear healthier, younger-lookinger, and more hydrated.

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Amata Life’s Hydrating Mist & Facial Toner

Amata Life’s Hydrating Mist & Facial Toner, with Pueraria mirifica & Natural Rosewater is perfect to help cleanse and hydrate. A lipid itself, this moisturizer supports the skin’s lipid barrier.

Amata Life’s Nourishing Body Cream

Amata Life’s Nourishing Body Cream, with Pueraria mirifica & flower and fruit extracts, is perfect for tackling dry skin, crepey skin, and even rough patches on the knees and elbows.

Our skin is not just a superficial friend. It’s literally the boundary between our inner and outer body—and an organ that performs a lot of important functions. So, love the skin you’re in. It just might improve your health!

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